What We Do

Field Agent delivers fast, accurate retail information and shopper insights so brands and retailers can identify key growth opportunities. Our approach provides instant on-site visibility and feedback on the shoppers' real experience.

Faster Cheaper Smarter

Never lose sight of what's happening in stores. Retail Audits offer "instant on-site visibility."

What products capture attention and prompt purchase in store and why? Connect with your customers when and where it matters most, in-the-moment.

Drive sales of products and generate reviews, content, or insights

We Work With Everyone

Whole UK Coverage

Field Agent crowdsources from it's ever growing crowd of over 140,000 shoppers. We call these shoppers, Agents. Our Agents have downloaded our free app, which allows us to connect brands and retailers in stores or online across the country to thousands of shoppers.


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Capture your brand's impact and shopper appeal
Grow your brand through greater visibility and impact
Shopping Basket
See in stores and understand shopper behaviour
Experience your restaurant as only a customer can

You're in Good Company

Major Multinational and Entrepreneur brands partner with Field Agent to better understand shopper behaviour.


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How We Work

Field Agent harnesses a crowd of over one hundred forty thousand shoppers, who have downloaded our app, all across the U.K. to connect brands, retailers, and agencies with stores, sales, and shoppers. We are here to help you win at retail.

However you need it, Field Agent has a solution for you

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