95,000 UK Agents Active and Ready

Agents simply follow the in-app task list, collecting the requested data using their phones.

They take photos, videos, and provide comments.

All activity is recorded quickly and accurately on the app.


Active Agents

Over 2 million spread across the world



For companies with global operations



Join the hundreds of companies who work with us



Our network of Agents are Real Shoppers who feedback on their experience using the Field Agent App.


Mobile Technology

The big idea: Shoppers are everywhere and have powerful devices to use for gathering information

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire Design

Together we build your topic list and relevant questions which are completely customised to your needs and the data format you require.

Our Agents capture feedback that is checked by our QA Team before the results are published onto your dashboard.

You will have access to your live dashboard and receive status updates in real-time, straight to your inbox. 

Project Management

Design Project

Design Project

From in-store audits to in-home consumer research, Field Agent serves companies with a wide variety of location-specific solutions.

Gather Data

Gather Real-Time Data

Crowdsourcing generates fast answers to pressing business questions. We display results through an online dashboard as they’re collected. No wait.

Analyze Results

Analyze Results

Have it your way. Clients can view results through their own online dashboard, download results in various formats, and even order a customized report.

How we work dashboard 2

The Results Are In!
What Now?

Make the most of your data with Field Agent’s analytics tools and reporting services. Track the completion of audit and research jobs through a private, online dashboard, which allows you to monitor results as data are collected and approved. All in real-time.

Results Are Checked By Real People

Smartphone Safeguards

Smartphone Safeguards

Smartphones are equipped with built-in QC safeguards such as the ability to furnish GPS markers and time-date stamps. We know the exact time and location of all submissions.

Multimedia Safeguards

Multimedia Safeguards

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and photo/video verification helps us further ensure the compliance, accuracy, and quality of agent submissions.

Manual Safeguards

Manual Safeguards

Human analysts place eyes on every piece of information collected through the Field Agent app. Reliable solutions come first; technology second.

It’s Easy to Get Started.

We work with businesses of all types. Contact us to discuss how our Shopper Insight and Retail Audits can help your business. 

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