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    How to capture real-time Shopper Behaviour in store.

    Jan 31, 2024 4:37:09 PM | Field Agent

    As we approach the significant spring chocolate events of  Valentine's Day and Easter, we present the latest insights from Field Agent UK's Christmas Chocolate Insight Study at the Shopper Insight Conference. 44 Hallam Street, london, W1W 6JJ

    This Study will reveal what drives Shoppers to choose a particular brand in store with highlights from our Christmas Chocolate Insight Study in key multiples.

    • Pre-store attitudes - category interactions and brand bias
    • In store Shopper experience - Findability, impact at fixture, product selection and the reasons why

    This delivers insight that will help brands and retailers succeed in seasonal chocolate campaigns

    With two key chocolate events annually, Valentine's Day and Easter we built on our 2022 chocolate survey, discovering further interesting trends in 2023 for areas of improvement in chocolate gifting and sharing.

    Brand loyalty:

    • Despite the evolving landscape and HFSS regulations, our survey found that shoppers' preferences have remained relatively consistent since Christmas 2022. However, the chocolate market still has ample room for improvement and innovation.

    Going big:

    • Over half of shoppers expressed a likelihood to purchase chocolates from promotional displays. Big boxes and tubs proved particularly influential, with Cadbury and Lindt emerging as the strongest brands in this category.

    Brand Winners:

    • Lindt emerged as the preferred brand for sharing with friends and family in Seasonal Gifting and the Main Aisle. Lindt maintained its reign as the go-to brand for gifting, closely trailed by Ferrero Rocher, which excelled in some stores.

    Emerging Players Gain Momentum:

    • Brands like Thorntons, Mars Celebrations, and Mars Maltesers gained momentum thanks to their strong presence on the shelf. This underscores the importance of strategic placement in capturing shoppers' attention.

    Lessons for Future Opportunities:

    Special for the Season:

    • Shoppers gravitate towards products that feel "special for the season." To enhance this aspect, brands can explore creative ways to add a touch of inspiration and festivity to their offerings.

    Getting the Basics Right:

    • Lindt's success was attributed to getting the basics right – strong brand blocking at the optimal shelf position. This basic strategy and a touch of Christmas inspiration set Lindt apart from the competition.

    Engaging Displays and Promotions:

    • Looking ahead to future seasonal opportunities like Valentine's Day and Easter, brands can capitalise on impactful and engaging displays. Stronger promotions will capture shoppers' attention and can translate into increased sales.


    As we approach the chocolate-centric celebrations of Valentine's Day and Easter, the key to success lies in understanding shopper preferences and capitalising on the lessons learned from the Christmas season. Brands that strategically position themselves, enhance the seasonal appeal of their products, and invest in engaging displays are poised for sweet success.

    But what were the details of the really engaging displays?

    For a detailed report please email

    Or if you want a chance to meet Robin Shuker in person, he will be presenting at The Shopper Insights & Behaviours & Winning Category Management Conference, Hallam Conference Centre, London - Thursday 8th February 2024 at 11:30 am.

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