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    How are Shoppers choosing what PBMA to buy?

    Plant-Based and Meat Alternatives have been facing a tough 2023 and things could become more difficult going into next year.  
    A recent Grocer article highlighted the decline of the overall categories, but areas such as Snacking and Ready Meals are showing strong Unit growth.
    Earlier this year 1,000 Shoppers revealed their key motivations in choosing what PBMA products to buy in the major Multiples. 
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    We gathered their opinions on a variety of topics relevant to Plant-Based and Healthy Eating:- 
    • 75% of Shoppers try and eat healthy foods  up +8% compared to last year
    • Key reasons for starting PBMA are Try something New, Health and Environment, Price is more important in 2023 (increasing +11% to 28%
    • Better taste, Prices, Texture and Promotions would stimulate purchases
    • In store Quorn, THIS, PlantLiving and Richmond had the greatest impact and most likely to be bought
    • Bigger ranges, better stand out and prices would encourage more purchases

    In September we will be sending Shoppers into core multiples to reveal the PBMA brands that are winning and why?

    The majority choose what to buy at the fixture and we can tell you what drives product selection

    • How well are your products being stocked and displayed in the store?
    • What has the most impact on Shoppers at the point of purchase and why?
    • Key Shopper motivations, why your brands may not be currently considered 

    If you would like to be part of this in-store shopper research please reach out to me via



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