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    The Initial impact of Covid19 on Shopping Behaviour in the UK

    Jun 25, 2020 5:18:41 PM | Field Agent shopper insights, Mobile Audits

    FieldAgent conducted this survey from April 10th to April 12th 2020. A total of 500 consumers were surveyed.

    Lockdown Shopper Behaviour


    The coronavirus pandemic sees millions of people self-quarantining at home, shopping and living under lockdown restrictions. “Stay at home” has become a war cry and people are heeding government advice. This research shows shopping trips are down a massive 57% so what is happening to during these trips.

    FieldAgent found that 94% of shoppers say their shopping behaviour/routine has changed.   Shoppers are more likely to be staying loyal to just one retailer per trip and are making fewer trips.


    Shopping Differently


    Aside to how they shop they are shopping differently. 

    59% of consumers say their eating habits have changed. Consumers have realised that most meals can be prepared at home, at least half of what they used to eat out at restaurants.

    74% of us are cooking and eating more meals cooked from scratch and we are cooking was is available on the shelves. The unexpected benefit to consumers and the planet is that 77% of this sample report wasting less food.

    Shopping lists have changed here are the biggest movers:

    Canned Foods +49%
    Frozen Foods +43%
    Cleaning Products +
    Toilet paper +28%
    Confectionery e.g. chocolate, sweets, gum, etc.+26%


    With Free Report Button 26 % increase in Confectionery, chocolate, sweets, gum purchases. (1)

    As consumers are forced to spend more time at home, they are choosing provisions that can safely be nestled in cupboards and freezers.  The opportunity to revisit our kitchens daily has never been so good. 59% of shoppers say their eating habits have changed from being at home, a dramatic change is happening.

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