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    Chocolate is still on Shoppers Christmas Lists!

    As we hit the start of the festive season, it appears that many people have started their planning even earlier.

    Here’s what our shoppers told us last weekend:

    • The majority (68%) are still planning to buy Chocolate before Xmas as a “Gift” or for the “Household.”
    • Lindt (63%) Cadbury’s Heroes (59%) & Dairy Milk (59%) are top of their “consideration list.”
    • Lindt and Ferrero were the brands most likely to be chosen. 
    • Key drivers on selection were Taste and Type of Chocolate, Price and Promotion. 
    • And despite restrictions on Christmas parties, 80% will buy chocolate to share with family and friends. 
    • A significant number (62%) plan to buy online, 11% more likely than last year.
    • But most (88%) will still buy in a large Supermarket and decide what to purchase instore (71%)

    But what will happen when these shoppers go in-store?

    This Christmas, our Shoppers can still safely gather Insights in-store via their Smartphone. Survey results are on your dashboards within days. Faster, Cheaper, Smarter.

    For details of our very special offer to have your question in the survey contact:



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