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    Christmas 2020, Is it a wonderful time for a Beer?

    Dec 15, 2020 10:52:10 AM | Field Agent shopper insights, Mobile Audits, Beer

    Field Agent has been asking consumers what their Christmas shopping lists look like in 2020? Between pandemic concerns, job losses, and a sluggish retail environment, we wondered: are consumers ready to dive into the holidays? Or, will they wait the season out? 

    But you know what's they are already getting into the seasonal mood. 

    The results of our Seasonal 'Beer' Survey are in.

    500 of our Mobile Shoppers across the UK have just told us what BEER they are planning to buy for Christmas  and why?  

    So, without further ado, here are the top facts.

    • Over half of shoppers are still planning to buy Beer before Christmas to share with Family and Friends  
    • Style of beer is the key purchase driver, Premium and World lager are the most popular categories 
    • 36% of shoppers will choose a beer they don’t usually buy if it is on promotion
    • And majority claim they will decide what to buy when in-store and the purchase in-store 

    So it seems decisions on beer purchases are still made in the drinks aisle, and promotions can sway the brand decision. 

    The pandemic has created some new habits amongst shoppers, especially for those concerned about coronavirus.  

    To learn more about our seasonal surveys or talk about including one of your questions in our shopper survey contact


    shopper insights, Mobile Audits, Beer