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    Shopping for Chocolate this Christmas - Survey results

    To discover what Chocolate shoppers are planning to buy for Christmas this year and last week, we captured feedback from 500 Chocolate buyers across the UK 
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    They told us they will be buying Chocolate to share with family/friends and also as a gift key highlights included:- 
    • The majority (61%) will cut back on their Christmas spending, less on gifts, priority on Food and drink for Christmas day
    • Chocolate is the most important category in planning what to buy for Christmas and the only one with increased spend compared to last year
    • Most will spend the same as last year; of those spending less they will spend less per item, rather than buy less.
    • Taste is key, factoring in choosing what to buy for household and gifting. Price is particularly important for gifting.
    • Shoppers are most likely to buy Cadbury, Lindt and Hotel Chocolat, both for sharing and also gifting
    • £5-10 is the optimal price for gifting and overall spending varies up to £25 this Xmas
    • Almost all will buy Christmas Chocolate from large supermarkets, but discounters are also popular
    The majority will choose what to buy at the fixture – 

    And we can tell you what happens when shoppers go in-store?

    This weekend, we're conducting 100 shopper visits in core multiples which includes:
    • How well are your products being stocked and displayed in the store?
    • What has the most impact on Shoppers at the point of purchase and why?
    • How Shoppers are choosing what to buy and why?

    To view the results of this in-store shopper research please reach out to me via

    Happy Christmas!


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