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    Shopping for Spirits this Christmas


    Over the Christmas period we asked 500 shoppers how they intended to buy and gift spirits this year. 

    Gin came out on top as the most popular product for both gifting and sharing at home. 

    A majority of shoppers told us that they would choose what to buy once in store. When arriving at the fixture - Gordons came out on top as the most dominant brand. 

    Promotional offers and displays of core brands were what peaked shoppers interest the most. 

    There was plenty to be improved on. 

    Spirits were a very popular gift item, yet only half of shoppers could find appealing gift sets in store. 

    There was strong demand for cocktails this Christmas. But shoppers indicated better signage and product grouping would make it easier to buy key products for cocktail making. 

    If you'd like to see the detailed findings of our comprehensive study covering shopper visits to key multiples, showing photos and videos bringing the shopper experience to life, please get in touch.

    In the meantime, here's a short video showing shopper visits in key multiples.

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