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    Shopping for Spirits this Christmas

    Shopping for spirits at Christmas: Last week, 500 Shoppers told us what they are planning to do this holiday season:

    • Overall they plan to spend less on Spirits than last year but more on Gin and Vodka
    • And 1/3rd are likely to trade up to a more premium brand with Baileys, Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, and Gordons, the brands most likely to be chosen
    • But the cost-of-living crisis is affecting how people will shop for Spirits this Christmas
    • In choosing what to buy, Promotional offers, flavour, price and “brand I like” are the key drivers in product selection
    • The majority will choose what to buy in-store, but half would go elsewhere if their chosen brand were not available, so stock levels are also important
    • Many Shoppers will likely wait for last-minute promotional offers or switch to unbranded spirits

    The free download below gives you the Headlines from our Pre-Purchase study of five hundred shoppers and their expected buying behaviours.

    Click Here to Download the Result of Our Pre-Purchase Shopper Report


    And we can tell you what happens when shoppers go in-store?

    This weekend, we're conducting 100 shopper visits in core multiples which includes:
    • How well are your products being stocked and displayed in the store?
    • What has the most impact on Shoppers at the point of purchase and why?
    • How Shoppers are choosing what to buy and why?

    To view the results of this in-store shopper research please reach out to me via

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